Thinking About Criteria In Page Speed Optimization

Speed And Mobile Search Results

In previous articles we’ve discussed the importance of speed. Two client articles addressed this: , Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress and Optimizing For Site Speed: Page Load To SEO Cloud Server Infrastructure.
We in addition have shown how less established, less well known, less trusted sites can out rank household brands by only being faster in Can Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google Ranking? Yes, it even beats Domain Authority.
With mobile searches number now over 50% of searches speed is really a premium means to rank up among content. Every time this website loads inside the 2 second range we gain momentum every time I find myself dropping in the rankings I realize I forgot to show on our CDN.
Content Delivery Networks Deliver Content From Edge Servers
A CDN is really a Content Delivery Network. Essentially your load balancing with a global scale, this isnt new however its new to non-multibillion dollar companies. Literally all around the globe you’d need data centers all caching the content served by your
Ultimate CDN
and providing it to visitors more detailed them rather than to your webserver.

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Bring the data closer to the user and spreading out the load delivers a smoother web experience. It looks similar to this graphic.